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Rachel fondatrice de LINC School From my earliest childhood memory, I have always been passionate about animals and have lived surrounded by them.

Having adopted 5 dogs all from being either abandoned, neglected or both, I have become a fervent volunteer for several animal welfare associations.

LINC School started when I adopted my Labrador Nixon in 2008, it all began thanks to him.
I therefore wanted to pay tribute to my 4 legged friends by using their initials to create our school.
There have been other dogs since but the LINC team are the core reason of my longing to help other pups.

With my personal experience and my skills, I wish to help owners to understand their dogs better in order to create a more harmonious relationship with them.

My strengths are my whole hearted love for canine family members, the passion and drive to pass on the correct foundations to both owner and dog.
To teach you to think « dog ».

All of my lessons are adapted on a case-by-case basis, since each animal is different.

Chien régulateur I also work with « regulator » dogs, or « teacher » dogs to be more precise, who help the pupils to learn the correct canine codes, when necessary.

I believe it is very important to establish a relationship of trust and complicity, in a good atmosphere and with a sense of humour!

I am a Certified canine trainer and coach, I have the French ACACED, Certified for category 1 & 2 dogs and have over 15 years of volunteering experience for shelters and associations.

I can come directly to your home or meet you at a designated area.

We are based in Fayence and cover the surrounding areas in the Var and Alpes Maritimes.

My sessions are held in French, English and German.


The team

Arnaud joined LINC School as my associate.
He's the "quiet force" of the team! Always calm and caring, he is excellent with puppies.
He has the ACACED for Dogs (and soon Cats) certification, has also passed the TAV (transport of live animals), which means he can transport your pups and whiskers safely whenever necessary.
He has an excellent experience of walking complicated dogs and has also passed the certification for category 1 and 2 dogs.
Arnaud is also our main instructor for the Canipaddle sessions!

Associate Arnaud
Associate Arnaud


LINC School offers various services, according to your needs:

- Dog training and basic obedience from 3 months old onwards
Walking on a leash, heel, sit, lie down, stay, recall...

- Behaviour evaluations / Rehabilitation
Destruction, Aggression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Phobias, Fearful dogs, Resource Protection, Separation Anxiety...

- Individual and collective educational outings
Group outings, limited numbers and according to the temperament of each dog.
Dog walking: forest, lake, beach...

- Canine sports and Canipaddle

- Pet transportation (within the Pays de Fayence)
For your vet appointments, groomer... safely and with or without you.

Contact us for any additionnal information!

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